Aside from the famous paella and tapas, clay roofing resembles the visual impression of Spain that represents heritage, timeless beauty and elegance in the language of architecture. Historically, its aesthetic appeal gained such popularity that its influence reached as far as Asia and eventually making its mark in Malaya. In today’s world, Bellaza Dulce, the expert in clay roofing has undertaken the responsibility of providing them in Malaysia.

Choosing The Right “Topping” Like Your Paella

Peranakan V

These clay tiles stand as a testament to timeless elegance that has endured through the ages similiar to our heritage peranakan architecture, thus its dedicated name. To celebrate the spirit of origin and tradition, each tile is meticulously handmade, carrying the craftsmanship of generations and infuses the roof with a unique character


The Marseille tiles effortlessly create a roofing solution that stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition. While the classic earthy tone captures the essence of a traditional tropical roof, its unique geometric texture adds a layer of detail that captivates the eye.

It is evident that clay roofing not only protects our homes but also enriches them with a touch of heritage and aesthetic appeal. If you are in search for roofing solutions, reach out to Belleza Dulce with a click below for more information.

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