Verification for everyone’s safety

Verified badges on supplier card content, as well as in verified list. This shows that we have confirmed that an the supplier is the authentic presence of the manufacturer, supplier, distributor or wholes-seller it represents and helps people to reach out to the authentic profile they wish to reach-out.

Our verification team vets all requests thoroughly and bases the document based on active and passive method. Annual verification will be done to ensure the authenticity and documents are up-to-date. Verification is only available to our One & One+ subscriber.


To be considered for a VERIFIED tag, content must adhere to our terms & conditions. The following checklist are required to be considered as verified status.

  • Authentic The profile must be authentic, the company / representative must be related to a registered business or entity.
  • Complete Company profile must be public and have a bio, website, namecard, private domain and shall be verified via a company address.
  • Representatives Agents representing company must show proof of endorsement via the following possible items, namecard, letter of endorsement, employment letter etc.
  • WA Verification Representative(s) are required to verify the presence of the WA contact via test message and the Whatsapp number shall match with the number printed on the namecard.
  • Email Mail from company registered domain shall be used to send verification email to Buildex server as proof of existence.

Company NameCompany Registration TypeRepresentativesVerified Date
Sinaran Profil Sdn Bhd224646-AExclusive Distributor17/12/2021
PDS Partners Sdn Bhd1325322-PDesigner120/1/2022