The concept of design is inherently abstract, with each architect offering a unique perspective on its meaning. “..I believe that human experience is the heart of architecture, we can create better spaces for everyday life..”, this statement underscores LCSC Architects’ distinct vision, demonstrating a profound understanding of what design truly means to them.

Who are the duo behind LCSC Architects๏ผŸ

Ar. Yong Leng Chee and Ar. Beh Ssi Cze, the accomplished architects behind LCSC Architects (we can guess how the company came). They have gained their design expertise through years of working at esteemed local design firms. Their design visions were seen approved on international stage when they were awarded as the winner of Evolo International Skycrapper and nominated for the best outdoor space by AIM Beijing.

Design Projects by LCSC Architects

An ongoing project involves the creation of a visitor center inspired by the concept of Hakka Tulou, aiming to authentically reflect the identity of the local community.

A caravan park serves as a communal space, offering shared amenities such as bathing, cooking, and dining facilities for guests. The distinctive dining hall, highlighted as a featured communal space, is characterized by its brick walls arranged in a unique lattice pattern.

A network of pavilions seamlessly integrated throughout acres of landscape serves the dual purpose of housing the visitor center and a tea house in Broga, Negeri Sembilan.

Other projects by LCSC Architects

LCSC Architects

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Founded by Ar. Yong Leng Chee and Ar. Beh Ssi Cze, this architecture firm shares a unified vision of actively involving end users in the design process to enhance the creation of a more impactful built environment.

About LCSC Architects

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