ZEOTECH system is specially designed for urban rainwater harvesting. With the implementation of compulsory rainwater harvesting in the Uniform Building By-law (UBBL) in Malaysia, new building development is required to incorporate rainwater harvesting features in their designs as a means of conserving water.

The system essentially integrates modern aesthetical values, performance, reliability and simplicity to harvest free and abundant rain water for all non potable applications in residential, commercial or industrial developments.

ZEOTECH system, comprising of a complete range of product and accessories, offers various designs of proprietary ZEOTECH tanks for both indoor and outdoor use; as well as PURITY pre-filters and accessories to remove sediments from the rainwater and controls waterflow before entering into the storage tanks.

Leading manufacturer of HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE products in Malaysia with over 30 years of experience.

One stop solutions provider in the water management and environmental sector, and end-to-end engineering infrastructure products.

  • Weida Intergrated Industries Sdn Bhd
  • 0231987K
  • Sabah , Sarawak , Selangor

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