Yu Architect was founded by Ar. Warren Yu at 2012. Yu Architect are a group of energetic individuals with diverse backgrounds, each contributing their experience and unique flair to their work. Their motivation stems from a genuine love for what they do and a strong belief in the positive impact their work can have on people’s lives. Their mission is clear – to create designs that strike a harmonious balance between the needs of occupants and the aesthetic comfort they desire.

Here are some of the projects by YU ARCHITECT

The Transition

A serene oasis in Kuantan’s foothills, this house showcases an exposed brick wall that separates living and transitional spaces. With polished surfaces for easy maintenance and textured surfaces for character, it offers a harmonious blend of style and comfort.

  • Location : Bukit Pelindung, Kuantan

The Five Friends

A group of friends joined forces to create their own highland escape, featuring individual 3-room self-contained units and a shared space for entertainment and relaxation. Surrounded by the tranquil sound of cascading water, birdsong, and shaded by towering trees, this idyllic retreat offers the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • Location : Gohtong Jaya, Pahang


A low-density residential apartment offers a warm and inviting entrance, showcasing a captivating view of the city through glass lifts and distinctive cantilevered ‘titanic’ balconies. Designed with the occupants in mind, the apartment features numerous public balconies, an infinity swimming pool, a BBQ viewing deck, and a central playground for children, creating a space that promotes community interaction and enjoyment.

  • Location : Kajang, Selangor


To date, Yu Architect has completed works such as affordable homes, single & multiple residential, highrise, commercial developments and institutional works.

Yu Architect is constantly streamlining the overall delivery process of this profession to ensure efficient results in cost, time and quality.

  • SP/W 144
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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