The kitchen is no longer viewed merely as a functional storage space within households; rather, its aesthetic is being considered since it is now an integral part of our modern lifestyle. In spaces where practicality and aesthetics merge, the emphasis often leans towards practicality, leading to a narrowed selection of materials. Consequently, natural stone, man-made stone, or tiles are commonly chosen due to their practicality.

Why Everyone Always Choose Stone Countertop Than Other Materials?

Many have experimented with various materials for kitchen countertops, such as concrete and wood, aiming to harmonize the kitchen’s aesthetic with the overall house design.However, wood’s tendency to absorb water easily leads to issues like molding and stains. Having a big wooden plank on the countertop is like having a surface that can be easily scratched, similar to a chopping board. On the other hand, concrete, though tougher in appearance, is prone to absorbing sauces or chemicals, resulting in stains due to its porous nature. Even with a protective coating to prevent absorption, this layer wears off after a few years, rendering the concrete permeable once again.

EDL Laminate Expands Kitchen Design Possibilities

The enhanced qualities of the laminate now make it resistant to moisture, even in shower areas. The long-awaited kitchen mood board that many designers have envisioned can finally become a reality. Its enhanced feature extends beyond countertops and can also be used as wall finishes in wet areas.

Laminate Can Now Be Used On Kitchen Countertop, Now Designer Can Be More Wild In Material Selection

The mentioned features essentially offer solutions to the common concerns that users typically have in the kitchen. Durability is crucial in this workspace, and the laminate was specifically designed to address this need.

EDL Laminate Provide Other Possibilities Beyond Wood

This laminate series offers various textures, providing designers with greater freedom to express their ideas in kitchen spaces. The water and stain-resistant feature of this laminate address the previous concerns associated with the porous nature of concrete. With its thinner profile compared to natural stone, makes it a more cost-effective option. To signify its commitment to innovation and exploring possibilities, a solid color category of countertop material is introduced.

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