Birdie cup is a new coffee chain outlet targeted at daily commuting crowds. They are strategically located at the intersection between metro stations and offices and they only serve coffee.
  • Open plan with direct layout emphasizes ease of placing an order, ease of preparing a coffee. Back-of-house is accessible via a hidden door.
  • Cloud-like circular ceiling made from handmade plasterboard with textured paint, externally it is being painted with textured matt paint for additional texture.
  • 3 primary texture and colour, white-grey-metal. Define the coffee-chain’s aspiration to be a young and ‘office’ brand

“We like the cuteness mixed with minimalist approach as a grab&go coffee fix” team

The following are the relevant materials being used in the project

Powdercoated aluminium strip ceiling Space Products Aluminium
Porcelain tiles 600×300 Niro Granite Malaysia
Metal counter topMetalico Sdn Bhd
Signage Lightbox