We use logofont as logo. The logo is upfront simple and direct as, it is to constantly reminding everyone who is using it that is a web platform and tech company. In normal circumstances, shall be written with the capital B, and it shall end with .my to further enhance it’s web identity.

Why we are here ?

Architects and Designers are busy running day-to-day operation of design and design management. Coming from Architecture background, we know what Architects and Designers are facing everyday, which makes us into creating this platform of Buildex to solve what we have facing everyday

How we solve it ?

We solve it by acting as the middle person between busy architect and interested supplier. First, we consolidate the contacts into a single platform by inviting suppliers to participate in it, then we constantly let the Architects and Designers aware of and pro-active in reaching out to the principal designer to get the first glimpse of their on going design on hand and assist them since the inception.