1. Does pricing affect their Quality ?

Topmix provides similar quality assurance like other HPL brands. Being a home grown brand from Malaysia. They are able to price it at a more competitive pricing. Like all other HPL brands, they give guarantee of longevity based on

  • Scratch test proven
  • Green label
  • Years of laminates

2. Similar source with ‘Topmix’ brand

Most HPL brands in the market have few production line, Topmix is no stranger to this. With lesser money spent on Marketing, they are able to keep the pricing well competitive. In fact, they are able to match similar design and quality to the designer’s liking.

ProductTopMixBrand F

3. Environmental friendly

Alex mentioned they don’t skimp on this, in fact their products have obtained the same GreenLabel certificate as other brands. Which testified their presence.

Other projects by TopMix

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