vPanel(ALC Panel) is an ultra-lightweight precast panel made by Vodapruf Pte Ltd using a combination of fiber cement board and Lightherm Aggregates. Ranging from only 35.8kg/m2 to 47kg/m2. It also has very high thermal and sound insulation due to the presence of Lightherm Aggregates. vSlab is a precast prefabricated insulation concrete slab. It is used on reinforced concrete flat roofs as thermal insulation and the sound isolation layer. It also plays the role as a protection screed layer for waterproofing membrane of inverted-roof-system.

VODAPRUF Pte Ltd was founded in 2013 through manufacturing Lightherm (Lightweight Aggregates). Later, VODAPRUF branched into the manufacturing of vPanel (Aerated Lightweight Concrete Panel).

Our headquarter is in Singapore while our factory is located in Kulai, Johor Bahru (Malaysia) โ€“ 35km from Singapore. The factory manufactures Lightherm and vPanel (ALC Panels) for our customers.

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