In the vibrant Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City, XINรš, a mesmerizing perfume and home scent brand, reveals its new boutique. Transforming from once used to be a car mechanical workshop in the neighborhood, this retail space breaks away from conventions. The design journey began with the concept of presenting a garden to the community, ingeniously breathing life into an empty area. It seamlessly combines the allure of nature with design and architecture, offering a holistic experience.

A boutique embraced in a blooming garden

A wooden pavilion stands tall, embodying innovation and generosity, its graceful presence enhancing the landscape. The green oasis offers customers and visitors an unparalleled experience, where the lines between public space, retail, and lush surroundings merge effortlessly.

Bridging the store with nature

Rooted by a compelling, authentic brand story, the pavilion reveals itself as an immersive journey, inviting guests to embark on a multi-sensory exploration. Here, simplicity intertwines with the aromatic melodies of nature, alongside XINรšโ€™s distinctive products and fragrances, creating a captivating universe to discover.

Sensory Haven: Exploring Nature’s Symphony

Its radial axis invites visitors to wander through a sensory experience, seamlessly connecting with the lush garden surroundings. This intentional layout enables the outer edges to immerse themselves in the natural environment, harmonizing scents, candles, incense, and home products with the vibrant backdrop of the landscape.

Axonometric of wooden pavilion

The pavilion transcends its role as a mere store; it emerges as a living testament to the harmonious fusion of genuine handmade luxury, nature, design, and craftsmanship, all woven together within the realm of olfactory arts.

LocationMarsella 68, Juรกrez, Mexico City
Area236.75 m2
DesignerEsrawe Studio

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