TRANS Elevator Co., Ltd with its origins in Singapore has concentrated its investment in China, established R&D and manufacturing centers in Suzhou, Jiangsu province to provide the total solution and end-to-end services to global users.

Utilizing its new technological prowess in new industrial revolution, TRANS will be the new leader to manufacture and supply of new generation elevators in the vertical transportation market. The Companyโ€™s creative, innovative spirit, represented by production of the worldโ€™s first class elevator and escalator group-control systems that use artificial-intelligence and internet of things technologies, start to receive high evaluations industry-wide.

TRANS is committed to provide innovative products to help the customers achieve success and great reputation which will base on itโ€™s the customer and consumer-centered strategy.

  • Company Trans Elevator Malaysia
  • Reg No 1260065A
  • Location Petaling Jaya


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