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TOTO, with a brand history of almost 100 years, has been synonymous with excellent sanitary ware and modular kitchens. With TOTO Wardrobe, the same brand assurance can be extended to the rest of oneโ€™s home, to provide the most comforting environment for the entire family.

TOTOโ€™s highly regarded wardrobe collection can be found in esteemed projects around the world and in the region, including Anandamaya Residences and Lโ€™Avenue in Jakarta and Metroloft and Pavilion Square in Singapore.


“Toto Wardrobe brings Japanese finesse into your living space”

Anna O – W.Atelier

Client & designer will like TOTO’s modular wardrobe system, modular yet provides flexible for the modern lifestyle

In addition to a wide variety of closet doors in multiple finishings, handles and colours, TOTO Wardrobe also allows one to complement the system with various accessories including drawers, pull-out trays, accessories divider, pull-out racks, pull-out clothes baskets, pigeon holes, hanging rails, tie racks, shoe rack and many more. Overhead bridge modules, dressing tables and mirrors are also available. TOTO Wardrobe is a nod to urban living with its clean lines, neutral hues and impactful, thoughtful design.


Door is a plain design formed with outlines highlighting straight elegance.


Groove turns gap into elegant groove lines, creating sense of elegant and modern.


This series delivers sense of continuity with the use of textured wood materials


With the horizontal countour handle and the top-bottom panel front that produce an immense impact to surroundings, the overall look harmonizes and intensifies its space.


Protruding from the harmonious compact door, the handle provides distinct presence with its solid grip, right position, and vibrant appearance


The metal integrated handle brings you a clean look by its concealed character to a poised firm surface

Check out the flexiblitiy and adaptibility of Toto’s wardrobe

We believe that wardrobes should have a sleek appearance and blend into the surroundings rather than being loud presence. Our customizable wardrobes combine beauty, sophistication and functionality perfectly.

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected of places. A friend. A good shower. Sitting on the toilet perhaps? For W.Atelier, itโ€™s you. When we arenโ€™t busy building homes, youโ€™ll find us building new friendships over a cuppa with people like you. It is through the joy of serving you that W.Atelier founders found passion in their vocation and pushed us through our most difficult moments and became our singular purpose; our Ikigai.

In emulating the Japanese values of commitment and quality, our principal TOTO became a strong right arm. Together, we brought the best of Japanese innovation and technology into your homes for over two decades and counting.

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