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Born in Bali, Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja pursued art at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta and graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts. He creates artworks that stem from intense emotion and fearless colour exploration. 

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“I create artworks stemming from intense emotion and fearless color exploration”

Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja

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Tjokorda, also known as Coki, is not only gifted with artistic talent but has also honed his skills through a Master’s degree in Fine Art.

He uses acrylic paint to create textured surfaces on his canvases, layering colors and incorporating materials like sand and pigment powder. His artwork is influenced by his experiences in Indonesia, encompassing aspects of daily life, social issues, and political climate.

Additionally, he explores the intricate yet simplistic nature of the world through abstract compositions, where animals appear and disappear. This artistic approach symbolically represents the elusive connection between humans and animals. In his works, shapes take on their own unique identities, which he believes are set free during the act of painting. The freedom of these forms is conveyed through the interplay of texture, lines, and colors, resulting in a transcendent visual experience.

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Sometimes he likes to explore the complexities and yet simplicity of nature by creating abstract works where animals seem to appear or disappear

Tjokorda’s artistic achievements include participating in various group exhibitions held in Indonesia and Singapore, where his works have been showcased. His exceptional talent has been recognized through several prestigious awards. Notably, he received the Best Sketch Award at the FSR Seni Murni Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, and he also secured second place in the Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional (Peksiminas).

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Tjokorda owns a permanent exhibition gallery called Kori Barak Gallery, where his artwork is displayed

Interested parties can just dropby his Instagram ( @tjokordabaguswiratmaja) his latest art piece and creations. We recommend you communicate with him to understand more about his profile and art pieces.

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Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja was born in 1984 in Gianyar, Bali and enrolled in SMK N1 High School Sukawati with a specialization in Art, going on to graduate from The Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta with a Masters in Fine Arts.

Tjokorda creates artworks stemming from intense emotion and fearless color exploration, with layered and textured canvases that sometimes use elements such as sand and pigment powder to achieve their finishing. 

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