We started humbly as an applicator for anti-slip floor and wall coatings in buildings and marine industries. We slowly expanded and got very active in corrosion and waterproofing systems for concrete and metal roofs related jobs. We have since flourished and has claimed fame as a full-fledged Single Source Solutions provider and leader in the industries of polymeric protective epoxy floor coatings.

  • Seamless – No visible joint
  • Clean & Hygiene – Easy to clean
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Supply and application by experts

“Epoxy and polyurethane (PU) floors are the two most commonly used types of resinous industrial floors. An age old question in our industry is what are the differences between the two types of floors? And when should we pick epoxy vs polyurethane?”

โ€” Shereen Chong, Markerting & Specification specialistr

Epoxy Flooring is soft, elastic and have micro ingredients Here

Epoxy flooring is a durable, seamless flooring system created by applying layers of epoxy resin onto a prepared substrate. It is known for its high-performance properties, such as chemical resistance and low maintenance, and is commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Industry, processing secment
  • Suitable for high temperature

Electrostatic Discharge (ESDflooring protects electronics

ESD flooring, or electrostatic dissipative flooring, is a specialized type of flooring used in environments where static electricity can damage sensitive electronics or pose safety risks. It is made with materials designed to safely dissipate static electricity, and is commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing and laboratories. ESD flooring helps prevent electrostatic discharge, protecting sensitive electronic equipment and ensuring a safe work environment.

  • Epoxy + mortar mixture
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Electrostatic senstive area

Polyurethane floors are usually softer and more elastic. This makes them more resistant to scratching as their elasticity tends to absorb some of the impact. 

PU flooring, also known as polyurethane flooring, is a type of seamless, resilient flooring system that is composed of polyurethane-based materials. It is a versatile and durable flooring option that is commonly used in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings due to its excellent performance characteristics.

  • More elastic compared to expoxy
  • Carpark, Food Industry, Jeavy Duty Area
  • Cold storage

Besides that, do have a look on the following table of the summary of its usage

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The following are just a very general introduction of the material, we do recommend you to contact us to understand more about the application.


Kenneth Tan – Polymer Application

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How many branches do you have ?

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I’ve a project in KK, can you help us out ?

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Do you provide annual inspection service ?

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Can epoxy / resin flooring be fixed ?

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What is average lifespan for Epoxy / PU flooring ?

Aiyo, this is hard. It’s like choosing favorite child out of our children. We have dedicated team to serve different type of projects, all are our favorite and we will treat them as our ultra-favorite.

Polymer International Singapore is the reputed Single-Source Solutions provider in ASEAN. With the manufacturing of polymeric protective floor coatings like epoxy, polyurethane hybrid, UV sensitive coatings and other resinous materials โ€“ we also engineer and install our own Polygardยฎ and Ecogardยฎ product systems.

Our inexhaustible list of Polygardยฎ and Ecogardยฎ high-performance and long-lasting floor coating product systems caters to the strict and specific epoxy flooring requirements from a myriad of industries and facility setups.

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