In our tropical environment, renowned for its frequent rainfall, adding rain gutters is vital for ensuring the complete protection of surrounding exterior walls from rainwater. The issues of rain gutters commonly arise and our rain gutter specialist is ready to solve them all at once!

Who Is The Specialist?

With a mission to craft efficient rain gutters and backed by 12 years of experience in the field, Middy Industries has dedicatedly addressed common problems by developing their unique solutions. Despite delivering high-quality products, Middy Industries ensures affordability, understanding that cost-effectiveness is also a priority for consumers.

Why Middy is “Gutter”

Considering the needs of designers, contractors, and consumers, Middy has implemented several adjustments to cater to each party’s role. Consumers no longer need to be concerned about maintenance issues, designers can incorporate a unified roof gutter seamlessly into their designs, and contractors will find the installation process made more straightforward.


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