The Green Factory believe that nature is the most beautiful designer of all. Thatโ€™s why out Dapo’s collection sets out to reveal the natural beauty within mother nature. From serving platters and cutting boards to storage organizers and even coasters that help preserve your tableโ€™s surface from accidental water marks, our products are simple yet elegant creations for those who hold nature to a higher standard.

“Green is one of the way to be better”

The greenfactory is so green that they have attracted the government / ministry attention. Working together with the ministry, they are able to elevate the sustainability effort to industry wide application. Corporation can then utilizing the ‘green tax’ of greenfactory in boosting their engagement with the industry.

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Why should we care about sustainable manufacturing?

The Green Factory

As we are so used to purchasing things online via online mall, we often forgot about where the source of the products and how it got manufactured. The Green Factory is aspired to change this by sharing how they source the material from. (ie. from existing timber stock or used furniture), Which instantly reduced the need to salvage a tree from the factory. Workshops allow them to showcase how things are manufactured.

Established in 2012, The Green Factory (TGF)is Malaysiaโ€™s pioneering manufacturer of sustainable wood products. 

Located in Ampang, Selangor, TGF adopts a circular approach to the sustainable production of timber products, covering aspects in green manufacturing such as sourcing of eco materials, green design, green building, system efficiency, waste management and education.

Since relocating from our old factory in Sungai Buloh in 2017, we’ve welcomed visitors from all walks of life to experience our concept factory – students, school children, tourists, shoppers, corporations, industry leaders and associations. It is here where we demonstrate the various steps taken in operating a ‘green’ factory.

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