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With our background in architecture and design, we recognize the importance of understanding materials to enhance our exploration during the design process. Our public platform,, is designed to help you connect with suppliers. However, it is worth noting that suppliers may often identify additional potential or possibilities that could benefit your project. Lead 2.0 is designed to strike a balance between providing others with a better understanding while maintaining confidentiality. Architects have the option to choose how much they wish to share on this platform.

Your choice to control how much you want to disclose

Depending on your choice to disclose the project, you get to choose how much you want to ‘reveal’. The more you reveal, the more supplier can understand and the better they can propose. For high confidential project, ie. Embassy, we suggest the use of ‘reference image’.


Only verified suppliers get to choose to forward their product to your inbox

Allow suppliers to submit their latest products that match your project needs, saving you time spent texting each other on WhatsApp groups to find a solution. You can specify the desired duration for receiving emails. We suggest the following setups to manage your brochure / catalogue.

  • Project email:
  • Catalogue email:
  • General email:
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Supplier can drop you an e-mail precisely for your project

Only verified suppliers can send their catalogues and brochures directly to your inbox. You have the option to specify when you want to receive emails. We have provided a button for you to test it out.


In return, we list your company on

We receive up to 6000 monthly visits from the general public seeking designers, architects, and more for their personal projects. We receive organic leads across various categories, including residential makeovers, interior design, shoplot renovation, villas, bungalows, and office blocks.

Note: To protect our designers & suppliers community from spam and harassment. Your contact requested will be routed to representative. We will connect you to the representative asap.