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Ar. Ts. Afi Muhaimin bin Jamalludin is the Founder and Director of Studio Kaizen. He completed both his Bachelors’s (BA Hons) (2012) and Masters of Architecture (2014) at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom. Ar. Afi is also a certified metaverse expert.

The architect’s fascination with the cinematic aspect of architecture was developed during his Masters Degree, where he explored the idea of framing the landscape through architecture. Throughout the two-year program, he gained a thorough understanding of the technical and poetic aspects of contextual considerations in architecture, allowing him to create designs that effectively frame the landscape according to the program’s requirements and his personal vision.

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“Our goal is to design architecture in Malaysia that is not only functional from a technical perspective, but also meaningful and philosophical in nature.”

Ar. Ts. Afi Muhaimin bin Jamalludin, Studio Kaizen

Ar. Afi ultimate By striving to achieve this aim, he hopes to contribute to the built environment in a way that goes beyond just physical structures and leaves a positive impact on society.

Check out Studio Kaizen’s Metaverse Exploration Projects and Immersive3D Virtual Walkthrough in

Besides architecture projects, they have their in-house System and App Development for Architecture Projects

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Besides architecture and project related videos, Studio Kaizen is also involved heavily in Video Making & Creative Media for government events!

Studio Kaizen was founded in 2020 with the aim to be the one stop solution for seamless digital system development and media creation. They aspire to prove the best experience to their clients whether it is system and app development, 3d architecture modelling and real estate 360 virtual tours, video production and photography.

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  • Johor, Malaysia

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