Studio Illumine believes that lighting is a vital element of good design. As such, it needs to be considered in parallel with other design processes from the very beginning. Good lighting is developed through an understanding of the latest technology available, lighting codes, sustainability, and a sense of the built environment. It is about creating ambiance through light and shade. Functional yet beautiful lighting schemes result in meaningful light.

About The Team

The team members at Studio Illumine bring a wealth of experience from various design realms, ranging from interior design to theatre and retail design. In an industry saturated with engineers, the studio prides itself on the meticulous curation of its team, prioritizing each memberโ€™s unique backgrounds and a shared passion for design. At Studio Illumine, collaboration is at the heart of the ethos, as the belief in the synergy of the team is integral to delivering exceptional results.

In 2022, Studio Illumine embarked on a strategic expansion and established a base in South-East Asia with the inauguration of the Kuala Lumpur office. This office caters to the escalating demands of the growing construction industry in the SEA region and addresses the heightened awareness of quality lighting in the built environment. The KL office operates synergistically with the well-established Shanghai office, ensuring that Studio Illumine delivers unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions across Asia. This collaborative approach sets new benchmarks for excellence in lighting design throughout the continent.

Other projects by Illumine Studio

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