The earlier business activity of the company in 2000 was centered on Imprint Concrete flooring with technology acquired from America. After some 10 years in the industry the group was able to manufacture his very own brand of made in Malaysia imprint concrete products under the trade name of FormCrete. Since then, the company had also developed numerous other innovative flooring products such as Pervious Concrete, Polymer Cement Overlay , Sand-Washed Flooring , Exposed Aggregate Flooring , In-Situ Terrazzo etc.

Cement furniture

Check out the following cement furniture, called lorenz bench which is consturcted with glass fiber reinforced stone technology in fine Stone Finish. On top it is finished with Chengal Timber Planks.


To showcase the robustness of the composite stone, it is also being used to produce designer bowl and basin. Which is sculptured by Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone (GFRS).

PIONEER PROCESS SDN BHD was incorporated on 6 July 2000 by a group of entrepreneurs who have more than 35 years of experiences in the building industry.

Our team consists of Materials Engineering Specialist, Architects, Floor Finishing Specialist, Mould Making Specialist, Aesthetic Cement Formulator and Production Specialists.

  • Pioneer Process Sdn Bhd
  • 519248-K
  • Klang Valley

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