Founded by Alice Lee in 2019, the interior design firm brings together her 10 years of experience in the industry, with a focus on space planning, concept development, and attention to detail. With a background in hospitality, F&B, and commercial design, Alice shares her expertise and collaborates closely with clients and the team to ensure the success of each project. The firm values the synergy and cohesiveness of all creative individuals, including clients, consultants, and team members, in achieving outstanding results.

“Stories are our source of inspiration, to craft unique, immersive and poetic experiences.”

SSO Studio

Here are some of the projects by SSO STUDIO

The Grange

SSO Studio drew inspiration from the courtyards of traditional shophouses for the design of this boutique mall, incorporating skylights to illuminate and define different areas. The project, built in the 90s, cleverly repurposed existing structures to create a dynamic and visually striking interior.

  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Area : 24,311 sqft
  • Completion: December 2020

Erama 8A

Erama 8A draws inspiration from abstract expressionist art, resulting in a design characterized by serene and simple forms. The sculptural elements and rounded features, along with a neutral color palette, create a clean and uncluttered interior that complements the standout silhouettes of the loose furnishings, evoking a sense of slow and suggestive movement.

  • Location: Seremban, Malaysia
  • Area : 1030 sqft
  • Completion: May 2021

SSO STUDIO also designed a series of their own furniture series to complement their interior design


The side table takes inspiration from Chinese lanterns, known as tanglong, featuring a design that incorporates blue-tinted glass and a mirror stainless steel base. This combination creates a translucent effect in blue, evoking the illusion of infinite layers.


Inspired by traditional Malay food storage containers, the Gerobok cabinet can be placed against walls or used as a room divider. It features a modern interpretation of translucence using rattan and acrylic materials.

Other projects by SSO Studio

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