Talk to architect

We communicate with architecture and design firm to get the glimpse of their current on going project, this enable us to build a database and able to project what is ahead. We get architects and designers be ultra-prepared on specificity and detail of the project.

Competed project

Completed projects from architecture and design studio will be beneficial as publicity purposes. The following details will be collected from architecture office:

  • Project Information
  • Images
  • Supplier list

Architecture office are then being offered the following services from our Buildex Editorial Partners to provide the following services.

  • Photography
  • Project writeup

On-going project

On going projects are being composed by design firm. The information of the type of project, the scale of project are then break into integrated database which will be referred to material supplier. Premium material supplier will then be informed of such lead.

  • Project Information
  • Scale of Project
  • Contractor Awarded
  • Expected awarding period

Supplier Info

Then we inform the projects, or suppliers who have subscribed to our project info update will be notified of the project status so that they can reach out to the designer / contractor to advise on the products.