Glass blocks remind us of nostalgic moments from our childhood, or they evoke such memories when we return home during the festive season.

Glass blocks, also known as glass bricks, are architectural elements made of glass. They are typically transparent or translucent and are used in construction and design to provide natural light, privacy, and aesthetic appeal to various structures.

In Malaysia, glass blocks made their presence known in the late ’80s. Every renovation during that time included glass blocks. Firstly, it was a trend during that era, and secondly, it provided similar translucency to the interior of the house while maintaining the security level of traditional bricks.

There is a significant comeback in the usage of glass blocks in the design and renovation scene

As property & space become scarce, the need for daylight and brightness has become the priority. Glass blocks are an excellent way to bring natural light into interior spaces. They can be used in areas where traditional windows may not be practical or where privacy is a concern, such as bathrooms and basements.


“We are here to share our ultra-clear glass block”

Zhao, Jinghua Glass

Jinhua Glass is the one and only glass block manufacturer in China. They specialize in glass block manufacturing using ‘ultra-clear’ glass raw materials, which reduces the usual green tint found in most glass.

Part of the know-how in manufacturing Ultra-Clear Glass is thanks to JinHua’s experience in glass manufacturing

Dezhou Jinghua Group Co., Ltd., driven by a commitment to scientific advancement, has achieved remarkable progress in innovation, product development, quality, and strength. The company’s primary product offerings include Float Glass, Glass Blocks, Domestic Glass, and Medical Glass Bottles, all of which have received international ISO9002 quality system certification.

Jinghua Group has successfully expanded its market reach, with products now being sold in over 20 provinces and across 160 countries, earning the trust and favor of both domestic and international customers. The company is proudly home to the world’s largest Glass Block production facility, the largest Domestic Glass production base in China, and a significant Float Glass production facility serving northern China.

HS Code: 70169090
: USD 1.15 / pcs
MOQ: 108 boxes

Import duty 10%
Sales Tax 10%
Import AP No

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