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The SKB roller shutters are known for its high quality workmanship and reliable designs which serves to cater for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. Here you can find more information about our leading products including fire-rated roller shutters, window shutters, Aquaroll swimming pool shutters and Vision-7 transparent shutters.

SKB is currently lead by duo sisters, who are the 3rd generation of their family business. SKB Shutters Corporation was started by their grandfather since Merdeka 1957. By emphasizing production & quality, they have soared to the international arena for the country and since then have exported to Indonesia, Philippines, etc. SKB also exported their shutter system to the factory of the world, China.

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” We take care of SKB Shutters quality in tip-top condition like our family member”

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SKB has roller shutters in multiple form and shape, including fire-insulated roller shutter that has pass beyond BOMBA 2hrs standard

SKB Shuttersโ€™ success is its uncompromising demand on the finest quality. This is evident in its impressive production facilities set in 50,000 square meter modern steel structural at Kota Damansara, Selangor which is about 20 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur city center.

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Have you seen an Insulated Fire Shutter that can provide protection for freaking 4 hours?!

The SKB Insulated Fire Shutter is the first insulated fire shutter in the region that has achieved 240 minutes of fire resistance and 240 minutes of insulation. The Insulated Fire Shutter is a single-layer shutter curtain made of steel face sheets on both sides of the curtain and incorporated and sealed with fire rated heat insulation boards in between.

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Since its establishment, SKB Shutters has grown from strength to strength, from a small family manufacturing business to the foremost manufacturer and supplier of roller shutters and steel doors in Malaysia.

SKB Shutters is well poised to meet the challenges of an increasing borderless market where survival means the ability to anticipate, adapt and master the dynamics of change.

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