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This latest flood shutter was invented to protect basements from potential damage caused by floods. It has a powerless fail-safe closing operation that can be activated when there is a power cut. (Note: it is important to note electric by TNB is essential to protect against possible electrical shock during flood.)

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“We have protection for fire & security. Our new family member protects you from undesirable flood!”

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1. It has a built-in automatic system to detect the presence of water, and it activates the flood barrier in 5 seconds!

During flash flood, most of us will be busy saving our own life. Hence it is important to have an automatic system that can handle this chaotic situation. To solve this problem, SKB engineers have developed a flood sensor to overcome this situation.

When it detects flood, the protection barrier will come into action within 5 seconds. The panels will start to drop and provide adequate flood protection in less than 1 minute ! This is actually faster than any human operation and it is fail proof.

2. This system can be adopted in an existing project, and it is best to be considered during the design phase

Since the product launching, the flood barrier has been adopted in various types of existing building to prevent further damage caused by potential flood in this unpredictable weather. During our interview, we were told that they have received order and enquires from consultant and factory owners.  

For Architects and Engineers in-charge, our advice is to design it as a primary system in a project to provide optimum result. From our observation, there is a 600mm bulkhead to store the flood barrier, which consultants should be considered in their design coordination to ensure enough space is allocated for the flood shutter.   

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3. The flood barrier is SUPER WATERTIGHT and it is aesthetically pleasant to look at.

Peace of mind is ensured as the flood barrier has been witness tested by Malaysia’s regulatory body, SIRIM, for its flood protection function. Among the tests conducted, it has been proven to have a fail-safe closing operation, requiring no backup power, and featuring a reusable and long-lasting design.

To guarantee the mechanism’s longevity, SKB has tested the shutter up to 35,000 times without any failures. If we calculate the frequency of closure, it can be used for at least 45 years, with it being rolled up twice a day.

SKB Flood shutter is best to be the flood protection and prevention system for the following type of buildings

  • Underground carpark
  • Storage Warehouse
  • Industrial Plant
  • Shopping mall
  • Commercial & Office Building
  • Community Centre
  • Disaster Relief Center
  • Hospital & Emergency Care

TLDR version of this flood barrier is summarized in the following

Easy to installโœ…
Sirim Witness testโœ…
< 42l/hour leakโœ…
Sensor activatedโœ…
up to 2.4M Hโœ…

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