Shimlen, established by Mr. Lee Tiam Ket in 1980, has emerged as a pioneering force within Malaysia’s wholesale and retail trading sector. Their focus lies in the provision of a wide array of materials including commercial plywood, melamine faced chipboard, high pressure laminates, and edge-band. Through strategic partnerships with reputable brands and suppliers, Shimlen upholds a steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier products to its esteemed clientele operating within the realms of interior decoration and furniture application.

Since 1980, Shimlen has been the brand silently fulfilling the needs of Architects, Interior Designers & Carpenters

With a primary clientele comprising interior designers, architects, carpenters, and furniture makers, Shimlen has carved a niche for itself as a reliable and preferred supplier in the industry. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has solidified their position as leaders, setting the standard for excellence in the market.

Shimlen factory & warehouse is locate at Semenyih, designers are welcome to visit their warehouse to understand more about their products

As a market leader in the distribution of wood panels and a link in the home furniture and renovation supply chain, Shimlen then realize they have a responsibility to bring consumers more environmentally friendly and healthier wood panels.

In 2018, Shimlen collaborated with their partner supplier PanelPlus to introduce over a hundred designs of E1-grade melamine faced chipboard, becoming the first in the Malaysian retail market to launch a complete series of E1-grade melamine faced chipboard. 

Shimlen spent 4 years in creating a healthier and less toxic environment with their low formaldehyde wood panel

This initiative facilitated the entry of low-formaldehyde emission wood panels into the retail market, offering consumers access to environmentally-friendly options. Over a span of four years, these panels have garnered notable acceptance among Malaysian consumers.

Adding to this achievement, Shimlen is now spearheading further innovation in the local market by unveiling a comprehensive series of Super E0-grade melamine faced chipboard. This introduction marks another significant leap forward, reaffirming Shimlen’s commitment to advancing sustainable and high-quality products within the industry.

This led to the introduction of ‘Super E0’, low formaldehyde wood panel

โ€œSuper E0โ€ grade wood panels represent a formaldehyde emission standard, typically indicating a formaldehyde emission level lower than that of the E0 grade. While the E0 grade already signifies a lower formaldehyde emission standard, in collaboration with manufacturers, we have developed wood panels with even lower formaldehyde emissions, known as โ€œSuper E0.โ€ This type of wood panel typically has a smaller impact on indoor air quality, making it a more environmentally friendly and health-conscious choice.

Lately, they have developed their own brand – SLEEK after finding out acoustic issue among household

After visiting some of the projects in Malaysia, they have come to realize acoustic remain an issue that is not widely addressed by designer they started to develop self-branded SLEEK acoustic panel which looks like fluted panel. SLEEK provides the similar visual outcome of a fluted panel yet able to reduce indoor echo.

Shimlen’s current mission is to keep the mission of reducing Formaldehyde level among Malaysian household, at the same time developing more products to improve our living quality.

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