This is a kitchen renovation project for an existing villa. The client wishes to demolish their existing kitchen and refurbish it with a more modern kitchen layout to suit the new young family member’s taste.


“Japandi styling for the villa’s kitchen”

Interior Designer

The project is in Setia Alam, Selangor

The designer is a young interior design office based in Klang Valley. To fulfil the client’s wishes, he has proposed kitchen inspired by Japandi scheme. Light wood flooring and kitchen cabinet is proposed for the project.

  • Office: Kuala Lumpur
  • Project: Villa
  • Built-up : 780 sqft
  • Budget: RM600/sqft

Nature wood + marble countertop

The designer has opted for light natural elements for the finishes. A marble countertop is selected to complement the light-colored wood cabinet and flooring. Existing wide window further elevates the airiness of the Kitchen.

kitchen renovation plan

Layout plan proposal by the designer

Kitchen island is introduced to the existing kitchen layout, maximizing the overall floor layout of the kitchen.