The boutique design practice based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, offers tailored design solutions that surpass clients’ expectations. With a focus on intimate collaboration and development, the team believes in the uniqueness of each project and strives to push the boundaries of what is possible.

They are dedicated to continuous improvement, staying ahead of trends, and ensuring future-proof and sustainable designs. Their professional approach is complemented by a belief in the importance of enjoying the design process.

Here are some of the projects by SESHAN DESIGN


This house, cherished by the design team, exemplifies their dedication to constructing small and efficient spaces. Originally a compact two and a half storey, it was elevated to a 4-storey residence with an internal greenwall courtyard, offering a future-proof home for the clientsโ€”a young couple embarking on parenthoodโ€”despite their constrained budget.The small footprint of the house was maximized through efficient design and future-proofing strategies, allowing for potential expansion and addition of rooms in the future. The central courtyard/light well serves as a source of natural light and ventilation, creating a breezy and cool atmosphere throughout the four-storey house.

  • Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


The renovation project involved transforming a two and a half storey house into a flexible and future-proofed living space, with a built-up area of approximately 5000sqft. The top floor was designed as an independent unit, capable of functioning as a two-bedroom apartment or an office, while the rear portion of the first floor offered the flexibility to create up to four bedrooms. The strategic placement of bathrooms and surface-mounted electrical and aircon services allowed for easy reconfiguration of the space, without the need for extensive renovations.

  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The clients initially started building their house in a popular tropical Balinese resort style, but later sought a new direction and engaged Seshan Design services to achieve their envisioned ideas. The new design took inspiration from the raw and industrial look, incorporating fair face concrete and brick wall elements. The client’s affinity for retro and vintage items, influenced by client’s time in China, led to the theming of different parts of the house. The design process involved a collaborative approach, with ideas and inspirations shared between the clients and our team, resulting in a unique and eclectic design.

  • Location : Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Seshan Design was founded in 2008. Their versatility spans across masterplanning, architecture, and interiors, covering a wide range of sectors such as residential, commercial, food & beverage, and hospitality.

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  • Selangor, Malaysia

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