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Founded by Helen Agustine, Linda Agustina, and Arthur Elmund, Seniman Ruang is an Indonesian architecture & interior design practiceย . The studio has been operating since 2016 and has received recognition through various design awards. With expertise in ideation and spatial experience, Seniman Ruang has worked with renowned brands such as Sinarmas, Agung Sedayu Group, Marlboro, Garuda Indonesia, Aom, Holywings, Growell, and more. Their ultimate goal is to promote a sense of place and sustainable design that not only serves a purpose but also evokes a profound emotional response.

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“We believe that design has the power to tell a story through consistency, simplicity, and originality.”

Seniman Ruang

Our firm is dedicated to merging architecture and art into a seamless spatial design.

They strongly believe that design has the power to communicate a compelling story, and they achieve this through a combination of consistency and simplicity, creating designs that are easily understood while also introducing innovative elements. They are passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity and originality, infusing each project with a touch of uniqueness.

1. the space form that is inspired from nature and the shelter of a mother tree
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An award-winning architecture and interior design practice based in Jakarta

Seniman Ruang is dedicated to merging architecture and art into a seamless spatial design that harmoniously balances functionality and emotional experience. Rather than focusing on the quantity of projects, they prioritize design quality and have had the privilege of working on numerous commercial, hospitality, and residential projects throughout Indonesia.

Selected projects by Seniman Ruang

These are a few projects with detailed insight from the designer that are bound to make you love them more!

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Seniman Ruang offers a range of design services including concept development, technical drawing, and site supervision. Their design process begins with in-depth research, considering factors such as functionality, context, and material exploration.

  • Jakarta, Indonesia

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