We spoke to a group of developers and architects regarding this simple componentโ€”the backyard door issue that kept recurring

The backyard door and balcony door are often overlooked elements that require special attention when specifying them in a project. One of the worst cases we’ve encountered involved a developer opting to resolve a DLP dispute by upgrading to an aluminum glass door.

The door itself is fine; however, the problem lies in the increasing intensity of sun and rain over the years

The initial effect of climate change is evident in the rise in solar heat gain, with our city experiencing a significant increase in temperature over the years. Additionally, there is a rising trend in rain intensity, leading to potential issues related to water splash and moisture.

The escalation in both rain and sun intensity directly impacts the robustness of building materials, with timber doors that are directly exposed being the first to deteriorate.

CK Door / Sendora door has a ACP Door panel that is specifcially developed for this purpose

ACP typically stands for Aluminum Composite Panel, which is a building material commonly used for various architectural purposes, including doors. ACP doors are doors made using aluminum composite panels. These panels consist of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core, usually made of polyethylene or a mineral-filled core.

  • Aluminium sealed upside down
  • Lightweight
  • Robust for all kind of weather

It serves as a fitting, budget-friendly, and fuss-free substitute for doors exposed to moisture, rain, and sunlight

The most advantageous application for this is in areas exposed to external weather, such as the backyard and balcony, with direct exposure to sun and rain. Choosing to upgrade it for general bathroom areas can earn the gratitude of the homeowners.

In addition to supplying for projects, it can serve as a solution for aging balcony and toilet doors in a maturing property

In the general public market, homeowners have the option to choose ACP doors as a replacement for their aging timber doors that have sustained damage over the years. One drawback we’ve observed with ACP doors is the limited color options, as they come in only two colors and cannot be painted. However, a viable solution is to apply a layer of laminate over the door, similar to how people wrap their cars.

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