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Founded by Ar. Leow Sooi Choon, SC Leow Architect is an architectural firm. Ar. Leow graduated from South Australia Institute of Technology Australia Dip-Tetrarch and started this firm in 2001. With a wealth of experience in master planning large-scale projects across various sectors, Ar. Leow has established himself as an expert in the field. Notably, Ar. Leow’s talent and innovative approach were recognized in 2005 when he received the prestigious PAM Architectural Steel Award in the Commercial Category.


“The firm’s design approach focuses on understanding client requirements, creating viable and sustainable solutions, and considering the project’s impact on multiple aspects.”

Ar. Leow Sooi Choon, Principle – SC Leow Architect

The firm’s design approach begins with a profound understanding of the client’s needs, desires, and aspirations.

The firm takes a holistic view of each project, considering its impact on various stakeholders and the surrounding environment. Through careful analysis and thoughtful design considerations, they strive to strike a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and long-term sustainability.

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Diverse Expertise: From Interior Design to Master Planning

The firm has a diverse portfolio, ranging from interior designs to master planning for commercial, industrial, and resort golf course projects. With clients from both the private and government sectors, the firm has established a strong track record of successful execution.

Selected projects by SC Leow Architect

These are a few projects with detailed insight from the designer that are bound to make you love them more!

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SC Leow Architect provides professional consultancy services in Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, and Landscaping, focusing on integrating and coordinating these four disciplines to create a cohesive and comprehensive built environment.

  • SP/L 133
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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