It is common to see carpets with very affordable price tags and some can be double times as expensive, yet they may appear similar at first glance. Faced with the perception that these lower-priced options look comparable to the more expensive ones, one might naturally question, “Why spend more on something that appears identical?”.

Interplay of Pattern & Color Texture Adds Extra Depth To Design

Upon closer examination, a singular carpet tile with a higher price tag reveals a mix of more colors and patterns. While the initial difference may not be readily apparent, the impact becomes obvious when these carpet tiles are arranged across a wide area, it adds extra depth to the overall design.

Affordable Price Resulting from Reduce of Installation Expertise

While the low price might seem budget-friendly, sellers often highlight its easy installation to reduce costs, either entrusting the task to a contractor or even encouraging users to do it themselves. Improper installation of carpet tiles can lead to various issues, potentially necessitating their removal in the future.

Carpet Thickness Affects Indoor Air Quality

Every inch or millimeter is crucial in the realm of carpets, impacting indoor air quality and the overall walking experience. Carpets serve as dust and pollutant absorbers, minimizing airborne particles. When a carpet is too thin, its absorption capacity is compromised and offering a harder surface to walk on.

Discover a Reliable Brand for Durable and Affordable Carpet Tiles

The purpose of using carpets is to provide a soft and inviting experience commonly found in hotels and offices to enhance user comfort. However, this experience can be significantly compromised if the carpet turns out to be too thin or not installed properly. Instead of taking the chance of replacing carpet tiles in future because they were installed poorly or had maintenance problems, B.E. Decor provides a range of not only beautiful looking carpet tiles but they also come with a lifetime warranty. This assurance might make the cost lower in the long run compared to buying cheaper carpet tiles repeatedly.

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