Ruang Architects was founded in 2020 by three ex-coworkers, Ar. Chan Wai Lai, Ar. Jacky Lim and Ar. Chin Zhen Xun, as a studio-based design practice. They embrace the concept of ‘Ruang,’ which encompasses complementary qualities such as indoor and outdoor, private and public, and simplicity and fluidity.

By prioritizing the client’s brief, site context, and the evolving nature of time, Ruang Architects delivers practical and customized solutions that engage occupants and seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. Their approach focuses on both macro and micro aspects, ensuring every detail contributes to the overall structure and enhances the experience for both occupants and passersby.

Here are some of the projects by RUANG ARCHITECTS


Drawing inspiration from traditional Malay kampung houses on stilts, the ‘Lindung’ concept is a vertical house design that elevates the living space to create a meaningful connection with the surrounding environment. By lifting the house off the ground, it encourages interaction between occupants, architecture, climate, and landscape, serving as a mediator between humans and nature. The simple solution includes a descending footprint that follows the foothill, creating various spaces and relationships with the land. The raised structure allows natural light to permeate the ground and supports life below, while its porous design promotes fresh air circulation and employs passive building techniques to regulate internal temperature.

  • Location: Bentong, Pahang
  • Status: 2020(Top 8 entries with Honourable Mentions award)
  • Client: KLAF Competition 2020

Huang Museum

The front section of the Huang Museum pays homage to the historical Wong Ah Fook residence, incorporating the Huang Clan office, praying hall, Wong Ah Fook museum, and Huang Clan exhibition hall. To blend the traditional faรงade with modern elements, semi-translucent polycarbonate sheets and corten steel boxes are subtly incorporated, adding a contemporary touch while complementing the overall design.

  • Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Status: 2021 – current
  • Client: Persatuan Keturunan Huang Johor Bahru

J Residence

Perched on a picturesque natural slope in Taman Perling, the duo of serviced apartment towers spans 35 storeys, offering breathtaking views of the Skudai river and tranquil surroundings. With a total of 680 units, the apartments boast 10 different configurations, ranging from cozy studios to spacious simplex and duplex layouts.

  • Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Status: 2019 – current
  • Client: Instant Achievement Sdn Bhd

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