Along a modest row of historic shophouses in Chow Kit, stands a new cafรฉ gem marked by a distinctive wooden entrance frame. The wooden entrance not only creates a striking contrast against the white facade but also offers an inviting and approachable palette for passersby.

Layout configured to maximize daylight

The comforting essence of this wooden entrance extends seamlessly into the interior, crafting a serene ambiance that offers a pause from the bustling Chow Kit street. The layout was designed to maximize natural daylight from the tall existing windows, enhancing the serene ambiance for customers.

Open-back shelving allows natural daylight into interior

Instead opting for traditional display shelves, a cleverly designed open-back display was employed to utilize wall space without obstructing natural daylight from entering the interior. Its meticulous attention to detail, along with integrated lighting, lends a sophisticated look to the design.

Contrasting black materials highlight features and guide circulation

Amidst the serene wooden elements, a striking contrast with black accents was introduced to emphasize key areas and display shelves for customers. Additionally, a seamless flow was created with the use of black material, enticing customers to explore the other spaces above.

HPLFormica FenixFEN3256
Lighting Supplier (General)Walden Lighting

Use of wood and steel to echo the essence of coffee culture

The selection of wood and steel aims to craft an ambiance that harmonizes warmth with modernity, echoing the essence of coffee culture. Wood infuses the space with natural warmth, comfort, and earthy familiarity, reminiscent of the cozy embrace one finds in the aroma of coffee. Conversely, steel imparts a contemporary, industrial edge, enhancing the sleekness of the delicate coffee brewing process.”

With Supewerks design intention to infuse the space with a sense of vitality and openness, creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons to savor their coffee experience. Through thoughtful material choices and attention to detail, this coffee shop not only reflects the vibrant energy of its surroundings but also offers a tranquil refuge amidst the bustling streets of Chow Kit.

LocationKuala Lumpur
ContractorIlmugaya Sdn Bhd
Lighting Supplier (General)Walden Lighting
Lighting Supplier (Feature)Mario Tsai
Bar Countertop Formica Fenix
LandscapeStudio Kepompong
PhotographerTWK Photography

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