Sustainability is top of our agenda at both a product level and a company level. Sto facade insulation systems are just one example: from their launch in 1965 to 2020, they saved around 370 million tonnes of CO2. Our products and system make it possible to create eco-friendly buildings and execute energy-efficient refurbishment projects โ€“ thanks to findings from our research and development experts. As a company, our headquarters in Stรผhlingen runs on green electricity and has obtained climate protection certificates to compensate for their carbon emissions. Sto’s aim is to become fully climate-neutral by 2040.

What makes our products so reliable and gives them such outstanding quality? Itโ€™s all thanks to more than 160 specialists working in research and development at Stoโ€™s locations across the world. They are involved in every single innovation right from the start. The result: over 200 patents and numerous prizes for our innovations. Thatโ€™s something to be proud of.

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  • Klang Valley

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