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Mapei Tile Adhesive

The result of in-depth laboratory trials, they offer truly unique characteristics to last longer and increase the sense of wellbeing in any setting. Mapei

Weber grouting for fine tiles

Multi colored, water resistant, compressible cement based fine grout joint up to 6mm. During tiling allocate minimum joints of 2mm wide for wall tiling &

Guocera Tiles

The beauty and creative elegance of our tiles is as important to us as the high quality of our materials. We are constantly adding

Mapei Tile Adhesive

Single-component, high-performance, cementitious adhesive with extended open time for installation of ceramic tiles. Bonding of ceramic tiles โ€“ including porcelain and homogeneous tiles โ€“

Bostik Solution

Bostik waterproofing systems are specially formulated to prevent the migration of water or the rise of moisture into unwanted areas where it can cause

GRM Composite Wood

Our product line covers a wide range of composite wood products ranging from composite wood pellets, flooring, decking, ceiling, louver, cladding, wall panel, screening,

StoCretec ESD floor coating

At many production plants, protection against electrostatic discharge is vital for creating er ror-free end products. Conductive fl oor coatings are among the methods

Viettiles Malaysia

Viet Tiles is the manufacturer of handmade cement tiles, which is produced by the traditional craft methods with many experienced-years craftmens in Vietnam. Together


We see tiles beyond its primary purpose. We seek to reinvent lifestyle, offering the latest trend of select tiles, curated from all over the
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