This product is utilised when a durable ornamental gate or fence material is needed. PRIMAplank Gate & Fencing material meets practically all of the design prerequisites and is available in smooth and woodgrain surface textures with a standard square cut profile.

Hume Cemboard Industries is the first fibre cement manufacturer in Malaysia that has been gathered with SIRIM Eco-Label and Singapore Green Label. It is also the first fibre cement manufacturer in the world to be certified. Korea Eco-Label and Environmental Choice Australia Eco-Label for its role in the development of green product.
With two factories located from North to the Central of Peninsular Malaysia which manufacture products in accordance to Malaysia and international standard requirements, HCBI is the major players in the domestic market. This also allows the company to penetrate and expand into major international markets namely Australia, New Zealand, Korea, USA, Middle East, South East Asia and other countries.

  • Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd
  • 0579898W
  • Wilayah Persekutuan

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