PLM Architects values collaboration and open communication to deliver customized solutions that exceed expectations. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, under the leadership of Jun Yet Chook, has solidified their reputation as a trusted firm in the architectural field, consistently pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on the built environment. The firm has then been expanded into a team Led by Trio, Chook, Chris & Suzanne Lau .

PLMA is located at Pinnacle, Petaling Jaya

The Trio Architects have vast experience in development, scaling from residential to industrial projects. Here are some of the featured projects which we find it interesting.

This project makes cornerlot makeover looks ‘low profile’ by respecting the neighbour’s design language

While preserving the lines and major design elements from the existing house, PLM Architects focuses on using design elements such as windows, colours and vertical element to make this villa standout conspicuously.

When it comes to raw finishing, Chris suggested the use of textured paint for longevity

After completing several projects in which the client insisted on omitting finishes for wall plastering, the team has concluded that recommending a layer of cement finishing over the current walls is advisable. While it may compromise some of the raw aesthetic, it will prevent the space from resembling a haunted house in the long run.

Simple intervention like a balcony in front allows the client to observe his plot of land via this framed view

Preserving Heritage, Embracing the Future: The Gable Roof House Transformation

Introducing the Gable Roof House, an inspiring renovation and extension project located in the charming neighborhood of Bukit Damansara. This project holds a special significance as it embodies the owner’s vision of transforming his cherished family home, purchased four decades ago, into a timeless ancestral house where generations can gather and create lasting memories.

Other projects by PLM Architects

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