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Established in 1985, ME Industries is a leading provider of Engineered Hardwood flooring, Solid Hardwood, and Outdoor Timber Decking. We also introduce Krono Originalยฎ Timber Flooring because of it is also a very good product with a lot of highlight.

Krono Originalยฎ places the emphasis, above all, on achieving a natural look in the production of laminate flooring. Intensive colouring, natural-looking surface structures, a particular brilliance and a feel like real wood make this laminate really stand out.

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โ€œKrono Originalยฎ provide a varieties type of nice timber flooring, you may try it out with different pattern and layout that offering unique captivating visual effects in your house. ”

Uncle Chong, Founder of Me Floor

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If you want to create a stunning, luxury interior concept, Krono Original Super Wood is your best choice!

Krono Originalยฎ Super Wood embrace natural beauty of real oak. Designed to elevate any interior design concept especially luxury style. Krono Originalยฎ Super Wood boasts beveled edges on all sides, creating a stunning parquet style floor that exudes luxury.

With its easy-to-handle panel size, installation becomes a breeze, ensuring a perfect result every time. Whether you’re revamping your home or working on a commercial project, Krono Originalยฎ Super Wood offers the ideal blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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Krono Originalยฎ Inspiration: Try out the stunning new achievement in realism for timber flooring.

Experience the next level of realism with Krono Originalยฎ Inspiration flooring collection. Featuring the Cross Cut texture, this collection beautifully replicates the finest characteristics of high-quality timber, giving your floor a truly natural look and feel like a raw wood.

Whether you’re aiming to transform a room with a stunning makeover or seeking a flooring solution that’s effortless to install and maintain, Krono Originalยฎ Inspiration is the perfect choice. Elevate your space with the elegance and simplicity of Krono Originalยฎ Inspiration, and enjoy a flooring experience that exceeds expectations.

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Krono Originalยฎ: A Durability, Aesthetics, and Convenience Timber Flooring Brand

Krono Original products boast a remarkable 35-year warranty, making them ideal for both heavy domestic and medium commercial use. Featuring painted bevels on all four sides and a glue-free installation system, our floors are not only stylish but also easy to install.

Try out Krono Original, with varies of pattern for timber flooring.

Experience the versatility and creativity of Krono Original’s timber flooring collection. With a wide range of patterns to choose from, you can unleash your design imagination and create a truly unique and personalized floor. Whether you prefer a classic, contemporary, or bold look, Krono Original offers the perfect pattern to match your style.

There are more things to understand about this product, kindly browse through the brochure to understand more about the it.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Krono Original flooring. With extensive range of laminate and wood-inspired designs, you can bring the natural beauty of wood into your space. This high-quality products offer durability, easy installation, and a realistic look and feel that will enhance any room.

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In a nutshell, Krono Original achieving a natural look, intensive coloring, and meticulous surface structures, Krono Original’s laminate flooring captures the essence of real wood. With durability, easy maintenance, and an extensive range of patterns, it is a very awesome brand! Explore more with Me Floor below!

Me Floor strive to be the go-to choose for green and sustainable timber flooring in the ASEAN region. Their goal is to provide a wide range of flooring options that cater to the unique design concepts of developers, architects, and interior designers. With extensive inventory, they aim to fulfill their flooring needs with precision and creativity.

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