Perunding Endah Alam is one of the leading companies in Malaysia that distributes brands such as Tarkett, Inpro, and Ball. Founded in 2003, over the past 20 years, they have begun to realize the concept of providing comprehensive solutions for medical projects.

“We realize solution should come in package; we carry the class leading brands for this purpose.”

Mr.Nelson , Perunding Endah Alam

We might not know Tarkett, but we’ve been exposed to Tarkett flooring without us knowing

For high-traffic areas like IKEAs, medical centers, and hospitals, Tarkett has been the preferred choice for flooring. Based on our understanding with Mr. Nelson, vinyl flooring fundamentally offers two major benefits.

Tarkett flooring is the standard floor material for Ikea throughout the world.
Hospitals adopted Tarkett flooring due to its good durability record.

First, its seamless and jointless nature makes it less prone to wear and tear. It’s worth noting that most material failures start at the installation joints. Because vinyl flooring is seamless and edgeless, it traps fewer bacteria, reducing the chances of cross-contamination.

PEA Nelson also understands that in case there is a strong wind, the handrail should be robust and hygienic enough to provide good support

Just kidding, in case of any wind there shouldn’t be any issue with the Hospital at all. In fact, handrail is needed as a support or assistant to the elderly or patient to move around the hospital. Perunding Endah Alam understands the magnitude and importance of having an excellent quality handrail in hospital. They have chosen a good and established brand to compliment the brands they are carrying.

Inpro is founded in USA, specializing in manufacturing and researching on door and wall protection system. Their products are mainly used in medical and health facilities through out the world. PEA is carrying this brand because Mr.Nelson believes in providing quality products.

Among the products carried by PEASB are handrails for assisted mobility, wall guards to protect against bed movement, corner guards to shield corners from daily impacts, and rigid sheets to protect against direct impacts while maintaining hygiene.

Lastly, PEA also provide medical officers privacy with their curtain track solution

Unlike ordinary curtain tracks, hospital curtain tracks are used at high frequency, and it needs to be robust in providing adequate privacy in an emergency. Nobody wants a curtain track that got stuck when Doctors are busy rescuing the patient.

Hospital track in closed mode
Hospital track in opened mode

Besides the items above, there are more by PEA. After all, they are the leader when it comes to Hospital flooring solutions

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Want to know get physical with ‘PEA’, they are based in Selayang

PEASB currently operates from its headquarters located in Selayang, Selangor. If you would like to learn more about vinyl flooring, wall protection, and gain a better understanding of their products, you can make a reservation by calling them at 03-61280296 or schedule a visit to Wisma PEA, No. 1b, Jalan PS 8/3, Taman Prima Selayang, 68100 Selayang, Selangor.

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