Introducing Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), a melamine-impregnated paper pre-laminated onto chipboard aka particle board designed to meet today’s fast-paced construction demands.

Unlike traditional HPL systems which relies on manual workmanship or simple pressed machine (HPL + Glue + Plywood / Boards), Panel Plus offers a complete double-sided 6’x8’x16mm board with over 100 different decors and textures, ranging from Woodgrain designs & textures to Solid Colours to Patterns & more.

It has all the good things pioneered by Panel Plus : Super E-Zero (SE0)& HMR V313 Rating

First, it comes with Super E-Zero (SE0) Formaldehyde standard, formaldehyde as we know is known as a carcenogenic content. Reducing it in our life is akin to reducing our exposure to cancer and miscarriage.

What is Super E-Zero (SE0) ?

Super E Zero – it has 5 times lower formaldehyde emission than other players (manufacturer and laminators) which offers E1. Formaldehyde is also found in the glue content used; it has formalin which turns into formaldehyde upon curing.

Two things that meant a lot to our investment were health, indicated by low formaldehyde levels, and longevity, represented by HMR V313

It is also very-very resistant to moisture, Panel Plus has received an HMR V313 rating as proof of its moisture resistance level.

HMR V313 rating is the gold standard to Moisture Resistance, we can understand it as the ip67 / ip68 water resistance rating conducted on electrical devices. FYI, V313 Cyclic Test for HMR boards which is only produced by Panel Plus.

MFC Board also have another indirect advantage – cost

Because MFC is prelaminated at the factory, labour work is saved during production. There is no need to have glue-on, drying, adhesive process. What is needed is just cutting it into the desired size, and seal the edges with edge band.

“Value Engineering ? Cut cost by being more efficient lah” – Julian

If your client wanted to reduce cost, why not choose to reduce the labour cost by having a more efficient production by using this method. Traditionally, material cost is most likely to occupy a fixed percentage of the cost, having a better and efficient production such as MFC usage can increase production rate, in return reducing the labour cost needed.

Don’t worry about design, there are 120 choices for you to match it to your design intend

Choices ranges from the usual Muji styled light wood texture, to dark wood texture. They also have the option of solid colour which is made for purist lover who wish to have the purest design form.

Want to know more about Panel Plus ? This is Julian

Our long-time contributor & foodie Julian Ong is currently representing Panel Plus. We can only narrate this much. Seeing is believing it, please get Julian to explain to you in depth about Panel Plus.

Besides that, Julian is a Penang Kia. Those who are planning to visit Penang can drop him a message for food recommendation, or visit his hashtag : #makanwithjulian

Checkout Panel Plus Julian’s presentation with Blu Water Studio

“I hope we have imparted knowledge on the quality, benefits and advantages of our PANEL PLUS Melamine-Faced Chipboards, our value added products and services. And of course, it has to be a PANEL PLUS because ‘there should be nothing less than that’.” Panel Plus – Julian Ong

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