Daytime shots by DanielFoodDiary

Thanks to Daniel Food Diary for the images above, the cafรฉ exudes a delightful ambience with its spacious, airy, and welcoming atmosphere during the daytime. The clever use of grey-ish bare concrete finishes and light wood evokes a sense of nostalgia for the beloved Japanese interior design aesthetic.

Over & Above is located at Chew Jetty

established in the late 19th century by Chinese immigrants from the Chew clan. The jetty was constructed by connecting wooden planks and stilts, creating a unique waterfront village. It is an important cultural landmark and a popular tourist attraction in Penang.

What makes Chew Jetty special is its preservation of traditional Chinese heritage and the vibrant community that resides there. Walking along the jetty, you can explore rows of old wooden houses built on stilts, shops, and eateries. The residents are primarily from the Chew clan, and they have maintained their traditional way of life, customs, and livelihoods, providing visitors with a glimpse into the rich Chinese heritage.

Night shots by Jaden Tan

We adore the minimalist and Japanese-inspired interior design crafted by the designer. It’s evident that the designer not only respected and preserved the original building structure but also skillfully incorporated elements that enhance and complement the essence of the design. Good job, EmptStudio !

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Material spotted in this project

Red brickPaint
Cafe FurnitureRoofing


  • Photos by Jaden Tan
  • Composed by Team Buildex.my

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