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Ong Cen Kuang specializes in designing and handcrafting lighting fixtures. They create original pieces that showcase the unique characteristics of different materials, allowing them to speak for themselves. Their creations are timeless and innovative, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern elements.

Ong Cen Kuang’s focus is on producing lighting pieces that are filled with stories and soul, embodying a combination of his passion for lighting, his exploration of materials’ unique characters, and his dedication to modern designs. Each fixture is meticulously crafted by hand in their studio in Bali, Indonesia.

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“We design through the discovery and understanding our materials nature, maximizing their potential by linear exploration.”

Budiman Ong Cen Kuang, Founder of Ong Cen Kuang

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Not just design an object, but culture and traditional – Ong Cen Kuang

Ong Cen Kuang goes beyond hand-crafted lighting design, embracing culture and tradition, creates hand-crafted lighting fixtures that embody the rich heritage and artistic traditions of the region. Their designs fuse contemporary aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in pieces that not only illuminate spaces but also celebrate cultural narratives and values.

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 Fusing traditional craft with modern element, Kertas Bunga by Ong Cen Kuang.

Bunga Kertas inspired by the delicate textures, intricate patterns, and the free-flowing movements found in flower petals, he set out to capture these qualities in his creations. Choosing copper wire and stainless-steel wire as his mediums, he skillfully utilizes crochet techniques to mimic the translucency and delicacy of the Bunga Kertas flower. Through his artistic vision, Budiman Ong seeks to bring the essence of nature into his products.

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Baliโ€™s Ultra-luxurious Wedding Destination, Sunset Bar Tirtha Dining Luhur- Commission Work by Ong Cen Kuang.

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Ong Cen Kuang, Bali-based studio specializing in the creation of original, hand-crafted lighting fixtures. Led by founder Budiman Ong, the brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern elements to produce timeless and innovative pieces. Each design allows the unique character of materials to shine, resulting in captivating and soulful creations.

  • Ong Cen Kuang
  • Oversea
  • Bali, Indonesia

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