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Founded by Florence, Mori Space Creation (MSC) is headed by experienced designers, interior designers and builders, where we enrich the way you live, work and play through passionate, inspiring and professional approaches.

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“We are inspired by passion and design; our value is driven by comprehensive solution from design to construction”

Florence, Founder – Mori Space Creation

Experience is what we focus on, having grown from design consultancy to design & build services. Mori Space Creation has been dedicated to transforming spaces for both residential and commercial purposes

Since 2017, Mori Space Creation has completed more than 34 projects to date. From residential to commercial projects, Mori Space Creation has successfully undertaken a wide range of ventures. In 2023, a significant milestone was achieved when Florence completed the first Garmin HQ based in Malaysia. This accomplishment has further solidified the company’s reputation in the field of space creation.

Mori Space Creation mission is to revolutionize designs by forging meaningful connections with clients, transforming houses into dream homes.

Florence makes her own appearance at project from the initial stage until the completion stage to ensure design is well carried through with the contractors, fabricators, and material traders.

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“We often have clients telling us, ‘I didn’t know I needed to do this!'” said Florence. This often happens to property owners who haven’t had the chance to experience a renovation or makeover process. After all, the knowledge gathered from her involvement is meant to ensure that her next client benefits from it.

After years of experience in design and project management, Florence knows the importance of assisting as early as possible, even from the stage of dealing with the property management office. Such collaboration and attendance can help in resolving unwanted issues that are beyond the boundary of the project, such as logistics, power management, ventilation ducting, and operation hours, among others.

Selected projects by Mori Design

These are a few projects with detailed insight from the designer that are bound to make you love them more!

Mori Space Creation is headed by a team of experienced designers, interior designers and builders. Where we enrich the way you live, work and play through passionate, inspiring and professional approaches.

The company is founded with the vision to be the most loved and valued design hub in the world.

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