Do you “Minta” for a minimalism? Consistency in design and a focus on simplicity are key elements of a minimalist kitchen. GROHE offers a timeless kitchen fitting design. By choosing Minta Touch series, you can achieve a clean and uncluttered aesthetic while benefiting from the faucet’s functionality and quality.

Curve or straight?

The cylindrical shape of Minta taps is characterized by straight, clean lines that create a sense of simplicity and elegance. These taps often feature a curve or straight spout, emphasizing the minimalist aesthetic. The solid brass appearance also ensures long-lasting performance and a premium feeling.

Want to save water while cooking? Try Minta.

Like many modern faucets, Minta taps are designed with water-saving features and technologies to help you conserve water without compromising on performance. This faucet featuring GROHE’s EasyTouch technology. By allowing you to manage the water flow with a touch of your arm, Minta Touch helps you to turn on/off immediately and saving water.

GROHE’s EcoJoy technology is another feature in Minta taps. It optimizes the flow rate and reduces water consumption while maintaining a satisfying spray pattern. Using Ecojoy, you can wash all your dishes at the same time without concerning water wastage.

Every length for every needs.

Despite their minimalist design, Minta faucets are designed with functionality in mind. Many taps come with features such as pull-out spray nozzles, dual spray options, and swivel spouts, making kitchen tasks more efficient and convenient. The pull-out spray arm allows you to rinse vegetables or the sink itself.

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