Ar. Loh Mei Ee is a Principal and co-founder of Mei Ee Architect. Mei Ee, commonly known as Mei, born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. Mei obtained her architectural training from University Teknologi Malaysia and reviewed her Bachelor of Architecture with 1st Class Honour. She has accumulated 10 years of outstanding experience in SA Architects, a BCI Asia Top 10 awarded firm and City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) as a Senior Architect respectively.

Mei is actively engaged in numerous projects where a strong focus is placed on incorporating green, sustainable, and community-oriented elements into the design and living spaces of the developments.

โ€œOld Meets Newโ€ – The project is the exemplification of old architecture meeting the new.

The ‘Rackson House’ is situated on Jalan Bagan Jermal in George Town, and it is nestled on a spacious 2640mยฒ plot of land that is beautifully adorned with landscaped gardens. The project involves renovating the existing old building into a Corporate house, which includes adding a new multi-purpose annex hall, reviving the interior space, and upgrading the external compound.

The old building, with its inherent charm and character, has been meticulously preserved, and now it has been revitalized with an abundance of natural light flooding the interiors, breathing new life into it.

A building with Silver Rated Green Building Index.

The City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) Relau Sports Complex (MBPP RSC) is strategically located in Relau, with convenient accessibility for local residents. It serves as a premier recreational and athletic facility, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle for the community. Additionally, the MBPP RSC is an ideal venue for athletes to conduct their training activities.

The primary structure of the building is constructed using recyclable steel framing, which is prominently showcased through architecturally exposed structural steel elements. The walls are adorned with insulated metal cladding, while the main roof is made of lightweight recyclable profiled steel sheets coated in a light cream color to reduce heat absorption. The roof insulation consists of 100mm thick rockwool with a density of 40kg/m3, along with a layer of heat-reflective foil, further enhancing the building’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

With a distinctive and attractive exterior, MBPP RSC is designed with quality specifications and in compliance to Green Building Index (GBI). Green materials like low VOC paints and adhesive, recyclable material, environmentally material are used for all internal and external place spaces.

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Mei Ee Architect is a design-oriented firm situated in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The firm is renowned for its unwavering passion for aesthetics, creativity, and building meaningful relationships with clients. Honesty and passion are at the core of their work philosophy, as they believe in fostering authentic connections and delivering exceptional design solutions with utmost dedication.

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