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Established in 1985, ME Industries is a leading provider of Engineered Hardwood flooring, Solid Hardwood, and Outdoor Timber Decking. Solid wood flooring is a popular choice for architects and designers due to its natural wood grain, vibrant colors, and compatibility with various building materials and furniture styles.

With its elasticity and noise dampening properties, solid wood flooring provides both comfort and functionality. Unlike non-wood floor coverings, solid wood flooring is long-lasting and can be refinished multiple times, making it a durable investment.

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โ€œWe recommend the use of cengal wood for shaded outdoors, because of its robustness and able to withstand moisture.”

Uncle Chong, Founder of Me Floor

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Me Floor Solid Timber Flooring- Creating Seamless Edges between Architecture and Nature with Cengal, Embracing Beauty and Functionality Simultaneously.

Solid wood flooring offers the option of finishing with water-based polyurethane or non-toxic oil finishes, enhancing its natural beauty while providing protection against stains. Its hard-wearing nature ensures longevity, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Additionally, solid wood flooring is an excellent choice for asthmatics as it does not harbor dust mites or other allergens. Its ability to be resurfaced multiple times extends its lifespan and allows for easy maintenance.


Me Floor has maintained a strong presence in the industry, they started engaging in exhibitions since 2010!

Since 2010, Me Floor has been actively engaged in exhibitions, showcasing their exceptional range of timber flooring solutions. With a commitment to innovation and quality, explore extensive collection at upcoming exhibitions or visit Me Floor office for personalized assistance in finding the perfect flooring for your projects. Join us and discover the finest timber flooring solutions firsthand.

AvailabilityWidely availableLimitedLimited
ColourLight to medium reddish-brownMedium to dark reddish-brownMedium to dark reddish-brown
Moist ResistanceModerate moisture resistanceGood moisture resistanceExcellent moisture resistance
Average pricingRM XX /sqfRM XX /sqfRM XX /sqf

Here are the advantages of using Balau wood comparing to the others.

Balau is the top choice for solid wood floor finishes projects. With exceptional moisture resistance, rot and termite resistance, and weather durability, Balau outshines Meranti and Cengal. Its reliability and low-maintenance nature make it ideal for outdoor applications, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

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In conclusion, solid wood floor finishes offer an unparalleled blend of beauty, durability, and environmental friendliness. Embrace the timeless elegance they bring to your designs, as you create spaces that stand out from the crowd. Explore more endless possibilities offered by Me Floor below!

Me Floor strive to be the go-to choose for green and sustainable timber flooring in the ASEAN region. Their goal is to provide a wide range of flooring options that cater to the unique design concepts of developers, architects, and interior designers. With extensive inventory, they aim to fulfill their flooring needs with precision and creativity.

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