The whole idea of office spaces has gone through a makeover lately. From the usual cubicles to open layouts, the importance of good sound design is now crucial for making sure work is efficient, inspiring, and productive.

Nestled in a fancy suburb, there’s this tall timber door with slats, standing out against granite surroundings

Frosted mirrors give you a sneak peek into what’s behind the impressive facade. It leads to a personal studio shared by a father and daughter, planned to do double duty as a classic office and an art space for more creative vibes.

Although not super spacious at around 1270 sqft, the space gives off a generous feel with open areas, divided by furniture and cabinets instead of doors and walls. The big main office area is set off by a desk in the center, surrounded by timber-finished cabinets that have plenty of storage space. There’s even a custom-made ladder that moves around to easily reach into those storage spots, giving flexibility while keeping things neat and tidy.

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