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This service apartment is located in Raub. The developer intends to create an integrated hub for commercial functions, along with a residential tower block primarily targeting Airbnb and investment purposes.


“The project proposal was submitted in late 2022, and it will be an interesting development just a 3-minute drive from Raub town center.”


The project is located at Raub, the durian hub of The World.

The developer has conceived the idea of creating a new township with modern facilities to attract tourists for overnight stays in Raub. Currently, Raub is primarily visited as a leisure town for day trips. Transforming it into an overnight touring destination has the potential to generate increased income and foster town growth.

  • Project: Mixed development
  • Built-up : –
  • Budget: RM400/sqft

Checkout the overall development of Durian City

The overall development comprises of shop houses and low-rise service apartment meant for private ownership & Airbnb operation.

Layout plan proposal by the Architect

The proposed development will be implemented in three phases. Phase 1 comprises a fruit stall, distribution area, and two branches of TNB. Phase 2 encompasses 120 service apartments, facilities, a car park, and underground parking. Phase 3 involves the construction of office blocks in various typologies.